Electric Wheelchairs vs Non-Electric Wheelchairs

A wheelchair is an essential part of life for people who cannot use their legs or cannot put weight on their lower limbs. Wheelchairs help them to move from one point to another with ease.

It allows people to perform daily activities without difficulty. Before selecting any wheelchair, it is important to know which is best for your increased mobility and independence.

Below is the difference between electric wheelchairs vs non-electric wheelchairs, which will help you find your type of wheelchair.

Upper Body Strength

The main difference between an electrical wheelchair and a non-electric wheelchair is that it does not require any effort to propel. In contrast, a non-electric wheelchair has to be propelled either by the person using it or someone else's caretaker or a friend.

The other big difference between the two is that an electric wheelchair is significantly heavier than a non-electric wheelchair, consisting of many electrical parts. In contrast, a non-electric wheelchair is much lighter.

Range Of Controls

Those people who use an electrical wheelchair have a range of control. They can use various electrical options to move the wheelchair, like the joystick.

Electric wheelchairs can be transported down and up stairways very easily.
All these facilities are not available in non-electric wheelchairs. The person has to use his hands over the wheels to move forward or backwards.

Disassembling Of Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs that are easy to disassemble and foldable can be loaded in a vehicle easier than those wheelchairs that do not disassemble easily.

Portable electric wheelchairs are foldable and you can travel 10+ miles on a single charge, and some non-electric wheelchairs can also disassemble, but they need some equipment and some extra effort to do that.

In the end, we can conclude that without any doubt electric wheelchairs are better than non-electric ones. We offer high quality and long-lasting electric wheelchairs, transfer seat and mobility scooter to make your everyday life much easier.

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