The Difference in Airless and Air Tires for Electric Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are a commonly used assistive device to increase mobility and quality of life for people who are unable to walk. They prevent common health problems related to impaired walking and allow users to work, socialize, etc.

Power wheelchairs are becoming more popular than manual wheelchairs, as they  allow the user more freedom. A wheelchair is a blessing for those how are suffering from mobility issues. One of the easiest things to overlook is the importance of the kind of wheels you’ll need.

But discussing the types of tires will make it easy to make the right choice.


Choosing the Best Wheelchair Tires

Tires affect how the wheelchair will roll over particular terrains. Harder tires are easier to propel, and vice versa. You can choose between Air (pneumatic) tires or  Airless (flat free tires). 


Air Filled (Pneumatic) Tires:

These are regular rubber tires filled with air, like a bicycle's. They provide a smoother ride and more traction than airless tires. They also stop faster and slip less. 


Airless (Flat Free) Tires:

These tires do not use any air. They can be filled with a material like polyurethane or foam or be completely solid. As the name suggests, these tires don't go flat.


What Are The Best Tires For Electric Wheelchairs?

The wheelchair model and wheels you choose should be the ones you think will suit your lifestyle and financial constraints best. If you often travel outdoors, e.g. sidewalks and parks, and have the resources to get punctures fixed, consider pneumatic tires. If you're looking for increased mobility and freedom in indoor places like schools or offices, consider either or. Typically the all around best if the combination of both, as on our Best Selling Wheelchair! Having Airless tires in the front and having aired ones in the back to maximize traction.

The choice you make will mostly depend on where you primarily use your wheelchair, be it indoor or outdoor, plus the terrain and the activity involved.

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